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Israeli Tax attorney

The firm accumulated around 25 years of experience in the taxation field and various tax fields, 12 of which in consulting of income tax and VAT while daily rubbing shoulders with income tax and VAT officials. The firm deals with the various tax areas: income tax, VAT, land taxation, municipal taxation, both corporate and individual:

Tax planning, use of losses for Income Tax purposes, opinions regarding income tax, VAT and land taxation (betterment tax and purchase tax), representing taxpayers and dealers in appeals and assessment procedures vis-à-vis the various tax wings: income tax, land taxation and VAT, including vis-à-vis local authorities' collection wings and appeal committees.

Tax attorney

Tax attorney deals with representing taxpayers, dealers and executives in courts of all stances. Representation includes appealing income tax, VAT and land taxation (betterment tax and purchase tax) orders, as well as various income tax and VAT decisions requiring responses in court.

Tax attorney has a unique specialty in criminal representation – tax offences (companies, shareholders, executives and individuals) – from escort and counseling during income tax and VAT offence investigations, voluntary discovery procedures with income tax and VAT, hearing procedures prior to income tax and VAT indictment, forfeit requests for indictment conversions, as well as court representation vs. income tax and VAT offence indictments.

The firm deals with escorting land projects in Israel and abroad and their tax implications: betterment tax, purchase tax, purchase groups, combination transactions, and retroactive review of transactions for betterment tax refunds, as well as income tax implications on foreign projects. In recent years, special attention has been awarded to the issue of NOP 38 of its various types, and its betterment tax implications.

Since the firm also specializes in National Insurance, it also acquired experience in income tax exemptions to the disabled according to section 9(5) of the Income Tax Order, and preparations for a medical board towards the exemption (further information on the National Security page).

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Зеев Guy & Co. - адвокатское бюро (налоговые консультанты) Зеев Guy & Co. - адвокатское бюро (налоговые консультанты).

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