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Labor law concerns everyone.

Labor law received a special basic law which determines the right of occupation by choice: the Occupational Freedom Basic Law. Occupational freedom was recognized as a basic right, and impacts employment relationships in Israel.

The mere hiring of an employee equals parties who signed an agreement concerning employment service provision for consideration. The agreement stems from the set of labor laws.

The set of labor laws is characterized by laws protecting the employee and their rights and regulating employer rights. Neither the parties nor the employee are authorized to waive the rights awarded to the employee under the law.

This relationship is subject to a whole set of collective bargaining agreements and extension orders benefiting the employee beyond legal requirements, and the employer and employee are to uphold them.

Labor law is made up of collective labor law relating to systems or employee groups, and private labor law referring to the specific employment relationship between the employer and the employee.

The firm focuses on private labor law. Recently, private labor law has seen considerable changes – Amendment 24 of the Wage Protection Law. According to the Amendment, employers are required to produce highly detailed pay slips according to a detailing defined by law, and it even determined a penalty against employers failing to act as required – up to 5000 NIS per pay slip – for employers failing to produce a pay slip or producing a slip not reflecting the correct reality.

Additional recent amendments determined additional obligations and their penalties, for employers failing to inform employees in writing of the conditions under which they were hired. In many cases, the new amendments moved the burden of proof in case of dispute from the employee to the employer.

Employers must pay employees work salary, and meet the following requirements in addition to regular salary:

A notice to the employee regarding employment conditions, minimum wages, meeting salary payment date, travel expenses, overtime pay, sick leave, paid leave or leave benefits, convalescence pay, holiday pay, prior termination and resignation notice or prior notice pay and severance pay:

In addition to those, there are laws regulating the employment of certain worker populations, such as the Employment (Equal Opportunities) Law which deals with the prevention of discrimination between men and women, discrimination of the disabled or discrimination due to age or gender. The Employment of Women Law deals with the special characteristics of the employment of women and the safeguarding of their rights during pregnancy, maternity leave, pregnancy preserving, fertility treatments, the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law, the Whistleblower Protection Law and more. The "Foreign Workers" Law refers to labor emigrants' ("Foreign Workers") employment relationships and rights and their special status, according to the various economy fields in which they are employed.

There is another unique employment relationship, which exists in the public service, the municipal authorities and institutes and authorities related to state budget. This is the Civil Service Rule Book which forms legislation regulating public sector employment relationships.

The internet and change in traditional work forms and the questions they raise regarding employment relationship around the world in general and in Israel too brought about broad ruling which predated the existing employment relationship legislative system and added to the relationship questions seemingly irrelevant to the labor law system, such as right to privacy (work emails), copyrights (do they belong to the employee or the employer – under what conditions etc.?). Ruling has also developed dealing with the determination of protected employee virtual habitation spaces, as well as questions arising from the fact that employees could work from home and so forth.

The firm deals with all that.

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